Master your voice.
Lead with power.

Embrace confident communication in a structured, friendly environment. Join the Maresme branch of the non-profit Toastmasters International today!

Join Maresme Toastmasters (Barcelona) and develop the art of public speaking. Enhance your communication and leadership skills. Build your network and social reach.

What is Toastmasters International?

Toastmasters International shapes individuals into skilled communicators and leaders. Structured meetings, workshops, and peer feedback refine speaking skills, leadership qualities, and self-assurance. The cross-cultural network empowers personal and professional success. A non-profit making personal development fun.

Benefits of being a Toastmaster?

Being a Toastmaster opens doors to improved social relationships and career advancement. Enhanced communication and leadership ability builds confidence and success. Join us and over 270,000 members worldwide to expand your horizons, and thrive both personally and professionally.

Why Maresme Toastmasters?

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of Maresme Toastmasters – a local branch of the renowned non-profit, Toastmasters International. Our dedicated founding team and members provide a supportive social setting for honing public speaking skills. Join us today and discover the potential of your voice!

A message from our founders

Maresme Toastmasters was formed in early 2023 by a small group of people living in Maresme. Although some had extensive experience of Toastmasters in other cities, including Barcelona, there was a clear gap in Maresme. Bringing this amazing organisation to our local community has been a journey of joy!

We currently have over 25 members and we’re always seeking new ones. As a non-profit organisation, you can be sure that our focus is on our members. It’s an excellent way to learn great communication skills to uplift your life in many ways. And of course, apart from the obvious learning and personal development, we have a very social group of members to ensure we have fun in the process. Come and see for yourself!

How does Maresme Toastmasters operate?

Maresme Toastmasters meets every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 1930 hours at No20 Co-working Space, Carrer de Montserrat, 20, 08340 Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona. Every meeting lasts approximately 90 minutes, and on occasion we will have special (optional) content that can extend this time.

All meetings are held in English but speakers may also deliver in Spanish if they prefer. 

Members often continue social activity after our meetings in the vibrant town centre or coastal venues nearby. The variety and warmth of our membership is a real treat to experience. 

Our meetings are structured to ensure all members get the maximum benefit with a selection of prepared and impromptu speeches, with feedback aimed at supporting development. 

Meet our wonderful organising committee team members.

  • Prepared Speeches

    Each meeting features three members delivering prepared speeches lasting 4 to 7 minutes each following a project from their chosen Pathways, seeking to fulfil the objectives set in their toastmasters speech manual. A designated evaluator provides structured feedback, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement in each speech.

  • Impromptu Speaking

    This segment aids in cultivating the skill of impromptu speech delivery and the art of speaking confidently on diverse topics. Participants have 30 seconds to mentally prepare their impromptu speeches and deliver them for no less than 1 minute and no more than 2 minutes.

  • Feedback

    During each session, a General Evaluator offers valuable insights on the overall meeting. This includes roles not previously evaluated, such as speech evaluators, the table topic master, and the toastmaster. Their feedback contributes to our continuous improvement and ensures every aspect of the session is thoughtfully reviewed.

Maresme Toastmasters

Every member follows Pathways as a way to steer their personal development in a structured way. Member speeches are organised as volunteer slots in our meetings and are aimed at advancing in your chosen topics within the Pathway framework. There are also other online resources available from the Toastmasters International network to help members develop at their own pace. 

Enhance your communication skills

  • Development

    Being a Toastmaster opens doors to a world of personal and professional development. As a member, you'll experience transformative benefits that shape your communication and leadership abilities. Through regular meetings, you practice public speaking, learn to deliver impactful presentations, and receive constructive feedback that accelerates your growth. Moreover, being a Toastmaster enhances your critical thinking, active listening, and time management skills. As you progress through the structured curriculum, you earn recognition and achievements, reinforcing your sense of accomplishment.

  • Empowerment

    Toastmasters offers a safe and supportive environment to build self-confidence and overcome the fear of public speaking. Engaging workshops and educational programs cover a range of topics, from impromptu speaking to effective leadership techniques. Networking opportunities connect you with like-minded individuals who share the same journey of improvement. Ultimately, being a Toastmaster is about empowering yourself to communicate with clarity, lead with confidence, and thrive in various aspects of life. It's a path to self-discovery, continuous learning, and lasting friendships.

What do Toastmaster members say?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Maresme Toastmasters meet?

We meet every second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 1930 to 2100. 

Can I visit before joining?

Yes, you can visit up to three times free of charge to decide if Maresme Toastmasters is for you.

What do I need to do to attend a session before registering?
  • You will need to contact us using the contact form.
  • Our VP Public Relations will reach out and make arrangements with you
  • You will need to complete and sign our GDPR form which will be sent to you by our VPPR.
  • Come along to our meeting, meet our members, and have some fun while developing your public speaking skills.
What are your fees?

Toastmasters International charges a €20 registration fee. This is a one time fee and will allow you to participate in any Toastmasters International club globally.

There is a €120 Toastmasters International annual membership fee. 

Maresme Toastmasters club charges €45 annual membership.

When you contact or visit us we’ll advise on the payment options.

What happens if i want to move to another Toastmasters club?

We will transfer your Toastmasters International membership fee, but not the Maresme Toastmasters membership fee.

Can I visit any other club?

Yes, once you are a member of Maresme Toastmasters, you will be able to visit any club in Barcelona or any other part of the world. Just contact the VP of Education of the club you want to visit to make arrangements. 

Why is Toastmasters International a non-profit?

Toastmasters International was started by Ralph C. Smedley in California, USA, in 1924 to help young members of the YMCA to improve their communications skills. As the benefits were clear, the organisation was incorporated in 1932 and also went international that same year to help many more people in the same way. 

Being non-profit ensures affordable access to top-flight education and skill development for everyone. And apart form these obvious benefits, the social and networking side has also helped to drive growth to now over 270,000 members globally. 

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